This is all there is, the woods dark and deep,
And miles to go before I sleep
Let me be you lover
In a frozen ocean of dream and hope
Under the skies- In light and dark
I turn off the lights and Lie down as if to sleep
Blind as it may seem
Waiting for my Moon and Sun
To rest within his arms
Waiting to be written down in his heart.
For Now and Forever!

I am a 20 something flashpacker and have now spent over five years flashpacking for a couple of weeks and longer, and I am still in love with it. I always will. 

Admittedly, I have always wondered how I used to get off the beaten track in most parts of my cross country trips with just a mini backpack. Many of the times I have packed up with a fair bit of stuffs at a click, swung them on my back breezing around the busy galis, wading through water or huffing down a sandy beach with my wheeled backpack.

I Love Flashpacking. I always have. Its perfectly awesome and makes me feel like a real nomad. But, ladies, never travel with a bag you can't lift. There were times when I have definitely felt that bag envy when I’m carrying a backpack and my buddy has a wheel bag. But that is only for the moment when I need to walk up and down the countless stairs of train stations continually. 

I sometimes wish I had ditched my backpack sooner if any stuff gets muddled and lost to the bottom of my backpack, I don’t know why I still cling on to it. At times it becomes a bit difficult to organise your luggage with a kind of a love-hate relationship with your odd size daybag. But these times are few and far in between with no more slips often rolling my clothes using packing cubes...saying goodbye to a chaotic pile of crumpled clothes. 

So, how do you want to go bumming around these winters? From a ‘perfect packed’ luggage to catching your way through busy airports, get rolling for a trip from my share of experiences that can be useful while you’re on vacation by clicking on below link-
Top 10 hacks every traveller should know 

Happy Travels :)
Packing for Ladakh? Predictably it can be tough because you feel like you need to pack too much stuff but Hold on! Do not overpack, its more important to keep your luggage easy and light because you need to do the rounds and travel around so much.
Bringing you the best of packing essentials- a list of everything that you cannot afford to miss.

1. Keep all your basic documents- id proofs, license, passport size photographs, debit/credit cards. 

2. Backpacks with wheels are the best. Try to keep a backpack which has a detachable day bag- that would serve as a small bag for day trips/night outs at city stops and camp sites.

3. You surely have plans to camp out/trek..right? Carry a good map of the area and GPS may not always work in Ladakh. Fill up and carry refuel supplies in Jerry cans. Ensure petrol pipe, funnel and fully functional complete vehicle accessories kit.  Carry enough cash as an emergency backup for ATM's. 
4. Would recommend a 4 season sleeping bag and a compressible travel pillow which would roll up really small across bunjee strap packing ropes.

5. A headlamp is one of the safest bet particularly for adventure treks/rides/camp outs/night trips. Ensure that you have a torchlight with extra set of cells and bulbs.
6. Keep refillable water bottles and avoid wasting plastic bottles every now and then-Do keep garbage bags/ bin liners with you. Carry enough water, energy foods and drinks.
7. Pack all your gadgets as a good backup- phone, camera,  power bank, mp3 player,high on memory- ‘memory cards’, a cigarette plug portable charger with multiple USB points and a removable battery.
     8. Carry a good first aid medical kit. Do keep a Bug Spray and Pepper Spray as well (ladies you got it right!).

     9. Add a Toiletry bag and Packing cubes to keep your stuff dry, organized and in right place.

10. Pack clothes as little as possible but do pack essentials, basics(multi purpose clothing), some woollens and thermal-wear. At night the temperatures drop sharp.
a) Micro Fiber Travel Towel- Light and Quick to dry
b) Waterproof coat that folds up small and dries quickly
c) Sunnies/Sunglasses for summer sun safety
d) A Shade Cap/ sunscreens and deep hydrating creams to stay safe in  harsh weather.
e) Trainers or Running Shoes
f) A set of flipflops

g) Scarf long enough to be folded and used as a pillow/blanket/sun protector on the run

If you would like to add anything else let us know in the comments below. 

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Olaaa! Planning a vacation? So, how do you want to go bumming around this summer? From a ‘perfect packed’ luggage to catching your way through busy airports, getting rolling for a trip can be over exhausting if not organized smartly. Here’s some of the best travel hacks from my share of experiences that can be useful while you’re on vacation.

1. Always have scanned copies of your passport, tickets, travel insurance and important documents and contacts in your mail. Just in case if your luggage goes bye bye, you still have the vital digital backup with you.

2. Roll up some cash backed up in case of emergency in a small pill bottle/case.
3. Use Google Maps and other location guides  that can be downloaded and used offline. This way its easy to pin and locate your credentials on the phone when you are out exploring without paying for data roaming charges. 

4. Be the first one to have your bag off the Conveyer Belt by marking your checked bag as 'Fragile'. will be the first off the plane.

5. Be aware of the basic customs of the country you are visiting to avoid landing in unintentional ritualistic trouble.

6. Roll your clothes instead of folding, you may also try rolled up socks inside your shoes to save your shoe shape and more packing space. Keep your ironed clothes from wrinkling by placing a sheet of filter paper in between.

7. For a lighter luggage use old Tic-Tac containers to store things like safety pins,hair pins and other accessories. You may also use small bottles to store your liquid items and add little labels to them.

8. Pack your charger,ear phones and other cables in a Sunglasses case to avoid the cords getting tangled.

9. Use folder clips to secure sharp faces of your razor and other edgy objects.

10. When packing lotions or any liquid, open the lid and insert a plastic wrap over the top of your containers before sealing. This avoids leaking of your precious potions and lotions.

Do you have any packing hacks in mind? Comment below and share.
Featured Interview- Srishti Jugran Covers Spangmik Ladakh

Guys, recently got featured in #hackingtravel.

As I approached the Hidden Gems of Spangmik, Ladakh; I experienced an electrifying eagerness to wander-off the majestic hills and valleys of Ladakh, take a walk and tell a story about my amazing experience exploring the hidden treasures of this remarkable place loaded with love, life and pleasant surprises. Read entire coverage here.

What’s the cheapest way to enjoy this city at night?
Spin around and get Lucky to amble around ‘Spangmik’- The Wonderland of Higher Himalayas with a bag filled with friends and unedited pocket..Spring in, Kick Around, Go crazy and Fill in your Senses to Spark That Wanderlust in you for Once in a Lifetime Experience.

What’s your favorite restaurant here? What’s so special about it?
Swiss Winter Cottage Restaurant near the Army Souvenir Shop alongside Pangong Tso.
The unedited beauty of the place offers a mesmerising view of Pangong Tso in the twilight magic hours watching the waves of crystal clear water with amazing interplay of light and clouds painting a spellbinding canvas on the sky.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a warm Sunday morning in this city?
Yawn my way up in the wee hours to bathe in wild, break bread with locals, make friends with them, sing and dance to the cultural tunes around the lake under the stars, soak in the magical mirage of Pangong Tso and fall in love with my nomadic self all over again.

What were some of the hidden gems in that city? Why?
You may zip past Chang-pa, the semi-nomadic herdspeople of Tibet living in Changthang, a high altitude desert in the Himalayas that crosses the border into Ladakh, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is, however, on a historically important route for travelers journeying from Ladakh to Lhasa.

Anything else you want to add?
Life seems to have changed a lot for me, it’s a beautiful amalgamation of my experiences of life as I didn’t knew it the way it is meant to be.
There is too much I want to do and I still crave for, behaving like a kiddo- storming off to plan trips, subconsciously pick my backpacks n BOOM! Pretty soon I intend to make it to cover the world, not once but in every lifetime. It seems like there is an algorithm fitted on my head-‘Just the idea of travel’- and it feels as if the electricity touched my soul in the flash of a moment and pretty soon a connection is made.

I still wonder how much is too much- packaged to please your irresistible urge to step out and conquer the world, to discover a new you, get inspired by your dreams, your love, your passion and make them your inspiration to discover and tame your inner quest and flit effortlessly.
What are you waiting for??
Challenge yourself, Get inspired and Stretch your Inner Quest to the Edge and Beyond and Never Stop Exploring!

Are you really a savvy traveler? A good vacation planner? Think again you might be missing out on the most expensive share of travel-yes you are right; most of us sweat our best to find the cheapest flight deals, complimented with special benefits at times if lucky. 
Here are the best of tips to save money when booking yourself amazing vacation flights.

1. The first trick to saving on airfare is learning to opt for travel times that others tend to snub.
Don’t forget to calculate the cost of airport transfers and luggage costs involved. Take 'Off hour' weekday flights which are way cheaper on account of low load factor. 

2. Travel the red-eye hours- Overnight flights are usually cheaper, plus they cut down one night’s accommodation too.

3. Travel in the shoulder season: The flights and resorts will be comparatively cheaper.
(The shoulder season is the time between the peak season and the off-peak season)

4. Book early: As the studies suggest-6-8 week window before a trip is when tickets are at their lowest. Skyscanner| Kayak| Momondo are some of the Budget Airfare tools that shows you the price trend in tickets matching your search. 

5. Fly Out of Regional Airports:They are often cheaper if you are flying short haul but if you are flying long-haul, the main airport hubs will probably be cheaper.

6.Always use flight comparison websites: When blindly looking up flight prices for vacationing where you can afford to go; always use flight comparison websites like Skyscanner| Kayak| Momondo which gives you a price bracket of flight costs from your location to anywhere worldwide. Also when browsing flights, rather than a specific date select whole year| month and you will be able to find the cheapest time of the year to fly. 

7. Sign up for Flight Deals- Subscribe to receive newsletters and the best of flight deals delivered straight to your inbox. 
January is a good time to keep your eyes peeled for them.

8. Try opting different airlines: Instead of booking a return journey; make an effort to check all options- say at times one airline will be cheaper on the way out and another airline cheaper on the way back.

9. Use Incognito mode: Beware, your internet history is being traced by airline and travel agencies. Have you ever noticed that every time you go back to check the price of a flight, the price has risen ever so slightly? The travel sites are way too smart to target your search behavior| pattern via internet history to jack up rates and pocket the difference. So always remember to use private browsing mode i.e. incognito mode.

10. Clear Your Cookies- Try switching browsers and clearing out your cookies to erase your browsing data as this often can skim money off ticket prices.
What are your best airfare saving tips?